[alsa-devel] No jack sense on Intel 82801I / IDT 92HD71B7X in a HP dv4

Gustavo Maciel Dias Vieira gustavo at sagui.org
Tue Jun 2 19:10:11 CEST 2009

Em Qua, 2009-04-29 às 08:37 +0200, Takashi Iwai escreveu:
> > > > When trying to get the output you requested I discovered that
> running
> > > > alsa-info with the headphones plugged made them work and
> silenced the
> > > > speakers. Then, removing the HP do not make the sound come back
> to the
> > > > speakers, but running alsa-info again does. That is, I can force
> the
> > > > jack sense by running alsa-info.
> OK, it means that the unsolicited event isn't processed properly
> at jack plugging.  But still strange why alsa-info.sh can trigger it.
> Could you put some debug print to the unsol even handler to see
> whether you get any even when you plug the jack?

The stac92xx_unsol_event() isn't called when the jack is plugged. It is
called twice at kernel boot (HP_EVENT and then INSERT_EVENT), and it is
called three times when running alsa-info (all HP_EVENT, regardless if
the HP is plugged or not).

These results may not be entirely accurate as the current snapshot
isn't working correctly. It just plays the first second of audio and
keeps looping, locking the application (with and without pulseaudio).

If it would help you, I could try to debug stac92xx_unsol_event() in the
current Fedora kernel (, as the sound works with it and the
jack sensing don't.


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