[alsa-devel] Let's discuss the state of Audio on Linux - OSS and ALSA people

apriori at dkc-clan.de apriori at dkc-clan.de
Sat Jul 11 16:45:09 CEST 2009

Hi all.

I would like to encourage all ALSA devs and users to talk about the current state of audio on linux together with the Open Sound System devs at:


I recommend to take this offer since we all and the linux development would definetly benefit if both core audio system developer team would finally have a talk with each other. For the sake of information and knowledge please don't fill up the thread with off-topic comments or bashing comments to either sound system
if it doesn't clearly state (in detail) 1) what is wrong and 2) what could be done better and 3) how it could
be done better. Criticism should be done in a constructive way.

Looking forward to see you in the dicussion


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