[alsa-devel] Intel HDA using VIA vt1708s

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Tue Jul 7 15:29:23 CEST 2009

At Tue, 7 Jul 2009 15:23:45 +0200,
Chrissi k wrote:
> Here's what I do after a fresh reboot:
> Change "input source" from "mic" to "front mic"
> Turn up all recording mixers to 80%, including "mic boost" and "front mic
> boost"
> % arecord -fdat -vv foo.wav
> shouting at the mic...after 10 seconds I do ^C
> % aplay foo.wav
> *silence*

OK.  Just to be sure, could you try
	% arecord -fdat -c1 -vv foo.wav
Also, attach the alsa-info output during recording with the internal

> Is it possible, that the mic is not really connected with the vt1708s, but
> rather linked to the internal webcam (which is not working at all btw)?

Hm, not impossible, but I don't guess so.
The webcam is usually a usb device, and the vendor doesn't do a
complicated wiring.

> That would explain, why I still get a peak from the external mic-in, even when
> I set the input-source to "front mic".
> Thanks for your great help with the unstable-snapshot. Did you actually write
> the fix, or was it available all the time? (I thought about using the
> unstable-snapshot before but didn't)

I wrote the fix shortly.  You can see two commits in 

BTW, the patches are now in the normal sound tree, so you can use
alsa-driver snapshot (no unstable version) from now on again :)



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