[alsa-devel] CS4232 Playback bug on Tecra 500

Krzysztof Helt krzysztof.h1 at poczta.fm
Thu Jan 22 17:28:56 CET 2009

Hi Stanley,

In short words, you need to upgrade the kernel. Also,
blacklist or delete the snd-cs4236.ko module.

A longer description. The ALSA page about Tecra 
laptop you mentioned is wrong. Your CS4232 card
is a PNP BIOS device and does not need any 
parameters. However, your kernel is dated 20080623
and there was a fix for a cs4232 driver crash commited
on 20080727 to the kernel. The crash is visible in
your dmesg file:

[   91.243845] BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 00000158
[   91.244314] IP: [<c02088ad>] pnp_activate_dev+0x3/0x3a
[   91.244714] *pde = 00000000 
[   91.244977] Oops: 0000 [#1] 

Next thing is that your have a second driver loaded: 
the snd-cs4236. Do not load this driver. AFAIR, the 
snd-cs4236 driver should be blacklisted or removed
on laptop with the cs4232 chip and PNP BIOS. The 
cs4236 and cs4232 have the same PNP BIOS id-s.
The snd-cs4236 was incorrectly loaded instead of 
the snd-cs4232 at least on my laptop (old Dell).

I hope this helps you,

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