[alsa-devel] [Pull request] Support for wm9705 codec and two machines that use it.

Ian Molton ian at mnementh.co.uk
Thu Jan 15 23:16:10 CET 2009

Mark Brown wrote:

> Always do this for ALSA patch submissions (the same thing will apply to
> the majority of kernel subsystems).  Please also CC at least me on ASoC
> patches.

My bad, sorry.

> I do read the list but it helps to make sure things don't get
> missed.


> These all look fine apart from one small thing in the codec driver 

>> +
>> +	soc_ac97_ops.reset(codec->ac97);
> This should check the return value, resets can and do fail.

This call returns void. So no.

I cant see a way to determine the outcome of a reset on wm9705. I could 
program a register, then check to see it is set to its reset value, but 
if the codec is hung, this could cause lockups.

Russell's isue has been fixed.



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