[alsa-devel] Configuring a TWL GPIO pin as an interrupt

Lopez Cruz, Misael x0052729 at ti.com
Mon Feb 23 23:11:04 CET 2009

> On Sunday 22 February 2009, Lopez Cruz, Misael wrote:
> > In the particular case of ALSA SoC, could the machine/board 
> > driver be a better place to handle all GPIO/IRQ configuration?
> > That driver also contains only board specific code.
> It'd be best of the ASoC stuff could sit with all the other 
> board-specfic init code, in arch/*/mach-*/board-*.c files, 
> but I understand those interfaces are not yet stable enough 
> to support that ... that's why they're in sound/soc/*/*.c 
> files instead.
> In any case ... everything I said still stands.  If you're 
> doing this for ASoC, you'll need some way to pass data to the 
> ASoC board-specific code from normal board-specific code, 
> since some of the relevant config data is not static.

I think that if I move the platform_device registration from machine driver to board file I can append jack detection information (gpio pin, irq) through "platform_data" of "dev" field in platform_device structure. And then in the "probe" part in ASoC machine driver I can receive it.

Could that be correct? Any other better/standard option?

> The current ASoC model seems to be biased towards static 
> configurations.  Notice how it's got to create its own 
> platform_device nodes ... it can't easily use the standard 
> mechanisms for associating platform_data or archdata with 
> those nodes, ditto clocks.

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