[alsa-devel] Juli@ ICE1724 and 24 bit audio

Demian Martin demianm_1 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 11 02:06:32 CET 2009

I confirmed that aplay and plughw:0,1 work fine. Aplay and hw:0,1 don't work
at all.

And that Xine is the culprit. Now to find out how to fix/work around Xine.

Demian Martin
Product Design Services

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What makes you guys think the plug plugin trims the data down to 16bits? 
  Sure if the rate is changed (the source code suggests only the 
low-quality linear rate algorithm supports above-16bit format - 
operation convert, the other resampling algorithms convert using the 
operation convert_s16).

Ice1724 supports all the general rates natively, the rate conversion in 
the plug plugin should not kick in for common audio formats. The only 
case I can think of would be switching Juli to external SPDIF-IN clock - 
the hw.rate_min = hw.rate_max = actual_rate and the automatic rate 
conversion could happen.

I did not use the hw device in my tests since all the tested tracks 
would have to be 32-bit for the hw device to accept the format when 
played via my favorite aplay.

My 2 cents guess is xine does the conversion.



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