[alsa-devel] 2.6.30-rc8 skipping regression also affects cmipci

Raymond Yau superquad.vortex2 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 03:46:03 CET 2009

2009/12/17 Frédéric Brière <fbriere at fbriere.net>

> Hi everybody,
> I was only recently able to upgrade from 2.6.26 to 2.6.32 (long story).
> In so doing, I noticed infrequent occurrences of audio skipping, which I
> managed to bisect down to c87d973.  It would appear that this commit
> also affects cmipci (CMI8738), albeit not as badly as it did for
> intel8x0.  (I guess I'm the only person left on Earth still using a
> stand-alone PCI sound card, which is why this was never reported.  <g>)


The patch seem just fix the problem of the usb audio card in


This patch actually cause pulseaudio 0.9.14 server abort on my au8830

E: memblock.c: Assertion 'length' failed at pulsecore/memblock.c:356,
function pa_memblock_new_fixed(). Aborting.


and the output by using 48000 x 256 Hz Clock in Vortex chip


That's why I still stay with the driver come with Fedora 10

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