[alsa-devel] Two patches for Dell Vostro 1015 (CX20583)

Einar Rünkaru einarry at smail.ee
Wed Dec 16 23:32:30 CET 2009


Attached two patches:

1. Corrected initialization of  Conexant CX20583-10Z - forgot proper
initialization of internal mic.
Int mic was muted until external mic was plugged/unplugged. Also added
control for internal mic boost.
I renamed 'analog mic boost' to 'ext mic boost'. Alternative was to
use names analog-digital, which seemed
very confusing. If the renaming breaks something, it can be dropped.

2. Made use of the chips beep device. Now it's possible to change
volume of beep. (It was too loud)
To make use of it in Ubuntu 9.04 pcspkr must be blacklisted.

Einar Rünkaru
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