[alsa-devel] Help required. Slax OS, no audio, multiple cards, hdmi

James Gauld james at thundermonkey.net
Mon Apr 13 17:09:20 CEST 2009

Hi all,

My first post and of course it's a help request, sorry ...

I've got a fresh install of Slax 6.10 with the latest alsa packages as 
available on slackware. Here's the result of alsa-info.sh:


My hardware:
Samsung TV with integrated PC (model: LH32MGTLBC)
2 onboard audio devices, one of which is Radeon HD3200/RS780

This machine has windows xp embedded through which I can get audio 
output via the HDMI device.

However, running slax (from usb) I cannot get any sound from either 
device, but I'm only interested in the HDMI card (card #1) which 
delivers output to the integrated speakers (as far as I can tell from 

I've tried from console and various widgets in KDE with no success.

I've searched all week with no solutions working.

If anyone can help me out with this I'd be incredibly grateful


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