[alsa-devel] Ubuntu - Alsa Installation Script

Klaus Schulz kls.schlz at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 30 09:03:55 CET 2008

Hi folks.

I prepared an unofficial Alsa-Installation (now 1.0.18) script for the
Ubuntu Community.
The intention is mainly to be up2date on the drivers, since this - the lack
or limited functionality
of drivers (I am aware of the reasons behind it) is IMO still one of the
weaknesses within Linux. Therefore it is IMO crucial to have the latest
driver available.
As you know most of the distributions make things worse since these are
usually one major release behind.


For standard installations the script seems to work fine.
Quite some people have been/are using it.
And of course responding to it - mainly about problems on specific sound

I am wondering if things can be improved in the script. I would appreciate
somebody of the designers around here could have a quick look at it.

I am not so deep into Alsa that I can cover severe problems brought up over
there. How would you recommend to handle this?



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