[alsa-devel] Moving sound/* to drivers/ ?

Jeff Garzik jeff at garzik.org
Thu May 22 01:37:54 CEST 2008

Takashi Iwai wrote:
> While we are at the issue ALSA HG <-> GIT transition...
> One thing that annoys me sometimes is that the sound driver codes are
> on a different subdirectory than other normal drivers, namely under
> /sound.   I don't remember exactly why it came there, but this often
> makes people forget to change the necessary code for the sound
> subsystem, or slip from the statistics (I'm not sure whether Linus
> counted sound/* with recent his posts).
> If I understand correctly, with git, we can move the files in
> relatively little costs.  So, what about moving sound/* back to
> drivers/sound/* or drivers/media/sound/*?
> Of course, the primary question is whether it's really worth.
> The obvious drawback is that patches won't be applicable after the
> move.  So, if we do it, doing at the last seems practical.  But, this
> can be a bit problem with keeping such a change on linux-next until
> the next merge...
> And, another question is to where.  drivers/sound or
> drivers/media/sound, or whatever.

Speaking as a former OSS driver maintainer, I always preferred 

Though Rene's suggestion (use both sound/ and drivers/sound/) might make 
sense if the subsystem code is huge -- I supported the drivers/block/ -> 
block/ code movement for example.


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