[alsa-devel] When turning up the volume, the sound dies and I'm forced to reboot...

Sean Thayne sthayne at summitmediagroupllc.com
Thu May 1 23:55:17 CEST 2008

Hi All,

    I've got a via8237 audio card, and I'm using the latest alsa driver 
via82xx, and I got a problem. Basically if I start playing say a music 
file, and then turn the volume up above 75%, My sound craps out and I 
get a muffled, very low volume version of the song, the only way I've 
found to fix this is to reboot. This also happens randomly at low 
volume. I thought it might be a hardware issue, but I've tried it on 3 
other boxes with the same card.

Thanks for any input at all...
Sean Thayne

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