[alsa-devel] Problems regarding alsa-info.sh

Travis Place wishie at wishie.net
Sun Jun 8 16:19:41 CEST 2008

Since the move from HG->GIT there is now a new download location for
alsa-info.sh . There are 2 current problems with this though..

1) The new URL is very ugly(and hard to post on wikis etc)
The new link is

2) The current script version at HG repo (which is where people
currently get it from, is an outdated version, that checks the HG repo
for updates to the script.

We need to put the new version of the script into HG (if its still
accessible), with the updated 'update' URL, or, somehow redirect from
the old URL to the new URL.

Please let me know what should be done about this, and how to go about
fixing it.

Attached is the updated alsa-info.sh with the new GIT URLS (update and
changelog) in place.

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