[alsa-devel] That "Magic Jack" thing I see on TV

William Pitcock nenolod at sacredspiral.co.uk
Thu Jun 5 00:11:10 CEST 2008


On Wed, 2008-06-04 at 13:19 -0700, Tom Watson wrote:
> Boy is this silly...
> I keep seeing those ads on TV for the $40 (or so) telephone interface goodie. 
> My questions:  
> Is this thing an audio interface?
> Any driver for Linux?
> Can the hookswitch/Ringer be read/written via some control interface?
> Touch tone interface?
> No, I haven't bought one yet (and I don't intend to right now), but it looks
> like a neat thing to interface to a telephone (not the line side, the set side)
> for various uses (stage use for one).
> Has anyone looked at it?  While the VOIP service is nice, I'd be looking at it
> for a simple audio interface (admittedly low quality!).

It's not an audio interface, but instead a dumb SIP client which
connects to the internet through what is presented to the OS as a USB
ethernet dongle and some proprietary Windows software.


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