[alsa-devel] RME madiface

D. Sen dsen at homemail.com
Fri Jul 11 08:50:07 CEST 2008

Florian Faber wrote:
> Pleaseuseafullname,
>> I have been trying to use the hdspm driver with a recently purchased
>> RME Madiface device. The functionality that I require is to play
>> various files through various channels under program (script)
>> control. I am happy to report that it *almost* works - in that I can
>> use my simple userspace programs to play files. However, there are
>> subtle problems - in that the external MADI A-to-D (an Euphonix 703)
>> does not seem to lock into the sampling rate (something that works
>> under windows). Its very close to achieving full functionality (for
>> my needs) - but just that tiny bit away from being fully useable.
>> Any ideas?
> There is no difference on the MADI bus wether you use Windows, OS X or 
> Linux. This seems to be a specific problem with the Euphonix.

I have no reason to believe the MADI bus is different. However, I
suspect the stream are different.

I have two Euphonix boxes and they both behave perfectly under windows -
but not under linux. The main problem under linux is that they lose sync
- at the slightest electromagnetic interference (such as turning off/on
the speakers - on the analogue side - even from a distance of 3 metres).
The actual detection of the incorrect sampling rate (or "custom") while
disconcerting is not really much of a problem if the files are playing fine.

> What are the exact parameters you use on Windows (when the Euphonix 
> worked)?

Windows Parameters:

Buffer Size: 256
Clock Mode: Both "Auto sync" and "Master"
Madi Out: Both "56" and "64"
WDM Devices: 32
96 kHz: both "48 k" and "96 k" Frame
System Clock: 44.1
DDS: not selected

The linux parameters:
>cat /proc/asound/card0/hdspm
RME HDSPM MADI (Card #2) Rev.d5 Status2first3bits: 1
IRQ: 16 Registers bus: 0xe3100000 VM: 0xffffc20009640000
--- System ---
IRQ Pending: Audio=0, MIDI0=0, MIDI1=0, IRQcount=109
HW pointer: id = 0, rawptr = 0 (0->65472) estimated= 0 (bytes)
MIDI FIFO: Out1=0x0, Out2=0x0, In1=0x80, In2=0x80
Register: ctrl1=0x1094c9e, ctrl2=0x0, status1=0xc00000, status2=0xc0050701
--- Settings ---
Size (Latency): 8192 samples (2 periods of 32768 bytes)
Line out: on ,   Precise Pointer: off
Inputsel = Coaxial, SyncRef = MADI
ClearTrackMarker = on, Transmit in 64 Channel Mode, Auto Input on
Sample Clock Source: Internal 44.1 kHz
System Clock Mode: Master
Preferred Sync Reference: MADI Sync
System Clock Frequency: 44100
--- Status:
Inputs MADI=NoLock, WordClock=NoLock
AutoSync: Reference= Input not valid, Freq=0 (MADI = 3, Word = 0)
Input: Optical, Mode=56 channels

>> Havent had much luck contacting RME and Winfried Ritsch (who
>> wrote/maintains the code).
> I maintain the code at the moment.

Good to hear.

> Flo

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University of New South Wales
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