[alsa-devel] ACER Aspier 5630 (snd-hda-intel ALC883)

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Wed Jan 30 17:34:13 CET 2008

At Wed, 30 Jan 2008 16:29:40 +0000,
Marcin Floryan wrote:
> On 26/01/2008, Andy Shevchenko <andy at smile.org.ua> wrote:
> > > I was wondering now if there is anything I could do to help with
> > > driver development to fine-tune for this particular hardware setup. I
> > > can provide some further details or do some tests if guided a bit (I
> > > am fairly comfortable modifying source code and compiling the driver)
> > First off, try to choose all models for the given codec (see
> > Documentation/ALSA-Configuration.txt) one by one and test it. If some model
> > provides mic work - post it here with the PCI SSID of your sound card.
> Currently using alsa-driver-hg20080126. Sound output is perfect.
> The laptop has 2 build-in speakers and a built-in microphone and three
> jacks in front: mic, line-in and headphones.
> With: auto, acer, acer-aspire,3stack-dig I can record sound from
> microphone but the quality is atrocious so barely usable.

Did you raise Mic Boost?

Anyway, show the content of /proc/asound/card0/codec#* files and the
generated file via "alsactl -f somefile store".  These will be helpful
for further analysis.

> With: targa-2ch-dig I have notice that the output is on both - the
> speakers and the headphone whereas previously the output was changed
> by plugging the headphones in.
> Other options do not really make any difference apart from the number
> of controls in the mixer.
> In some cases the mic sound quality seems to be tiny bit better if I
> switch to build-in microphone but it is far, far from good (and from
> what I hear in my headphones when I enable microphone as output).
> 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High
> Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)
>         Subsystem: Acer Incorporated [ALI] Unknown device 0090

To be sure, provide the output of "lspci -nv" (only for this device)
to see the PCI SSID more exactly.



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