[alsa-devel] Digital-Out (Toslink) on HDA-Intal (AD1986A)?

Martin Egge mailinglists at martin.egge.info
Sun Jan 27 23:03:20 CET 2008

Hi Takashi,

Am Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2008 schrieb Takashi Iwai:
> The SPDIF is disabled intentionally for your model because no one
> could test it.  Does the patch below work?

As I already have written: this patch does not work with the code from hg. But 
I've applied it successfully on 1.0.15. The digital output is working and can 
be disabled with the IEC958 switch.

Using the code from hg the digital output is not working as well when I set 
model=3stack. This has has been working with the original code from 1.0.15 
and 1.0.14. So there must be a general problem with IEC958 in the hg code.

I've another question regarding the digital output. Is there a way to control 
the volume of the digital output? Neither the Master nor the PCM control have 
any effect on the volume of the digital output. In addition the output can't 
be switched off by muting PCM or Master.

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