[alsa-devel] 1.0.16rc1 release -- error: 'system_utsname' undeclared

Rick Measham rick at measham.id.au
Fri Jan 25 14:51:58 CET 2008

Takashi Iwai wrote:
> After adding model=auto, then reboot and get a proc file.  The result
> you attached is the overridden one.

Hmm .. that's what I did ..

> BTW, please update to the very latest HG version.  I see that you are
> still using the older version.  The newer version should have more
> detailed proc output.

It's 24 hours old (or maybe 48?) but OK, I'll do that

> If I understand correctly, the speaker output on this laptop has never
> worked, so far, right?

Never. For anyone using Linux :-/

I'll grab the latest Hg in the morning (it's 0050 here) and try again.

Thanks HEAPS!

Rick Measham

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