[alsa-devel] Last call - get on the linux dev Gadget Labs card mailing list if you want to be notified

Mike Mazarick mazarick at bellsouth.net
Sat Jan 19 14:46:16 CET 2008

There is a project to develop a Gadget Labs Alsa driver for Linux audio.


A mailing list has been established for this project so people could track
the progress and release to the public of the linux driver for the GL card. 

There are currently ~10 people subscribed (it's a very small list).   If you
have any interest in knowing when a linux driver is available for this card,
I'd highly recommend following the progress by subscribing to the mailing
list.    This will be significant to you primarily if you have a Gadget Labs
card and want to use it with Mac OS X, because it will start to be feasible
(and relatively easy) to have a Mac OS X driver when a linux driver is
complete.   It is also significant to you if you want an inexpensive way to
get 8 channels of  analog in/out from your computer with a high quality
audio using linux audio tools.  The Gadget Labs card was 'state of the art'
8 years ago, and is currently the least expensive way to get more than 4
channels of studio quality input/output  to/from your computer (however, the
other cards available are also excellent and close in price).   Of course,
we are always interested in anyone that can help with this effort by
providing beta testing of the software, assistance with coding the driver,
assistance with documentation, general 'cheering us on' and encouragement,


The list is scheduled to go 'private' and available for subscribers only in
5 days or less.  If you are interested in this, please subscribe before the
list goes 'private'.   


You will be able to subscribe after the list goes private, but won't be able
to see postings with the latest information until after you have subscribed
and been approved by the mailing list moderator.


The way to subscribe to the mailing list is here:



The project summary page is here:



The project web page is here:



-Mike Mazarick




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