[alsa-devel] Problem with DELL XPS M1530

Jiang zhe zhe.jiang at intel.com
Thu Feb 21 04:06:15 CET 2008

Hi, Takashi:

Maybe we can try handling the ALC268 laptop HP issue in the
The patch for the hda_codec.c seems to conflict with the code of

The patch_sigmatel.c depends on  line_out_type == AUTO_PIN_SPEAKER_OUT
and hp_outs > 1 in order to handle the 2 HP jacks issue.

/* If we have no real line-out pin and multiple hp-outs, HPs should
	 * be set up as multi-channel outputs.
	if (spec->autocfg.line_out_type == AUTO_PIN_SPEAKER_OUT &&
	    spec->autocfg.hp_outs > 1) {
		/* Copy hp_outs to line_outs, backup line_outs in
		 * speaker_outs so that the following routines can handle
		 * HP pins as primary outputs.
		memcpy(spec->autocfg.speaker_pins, spec->autocfg.line_out_pins,
		spec->autocfg.speaker_outs = spec->autocfg.line_outs;
		memcpy(spec->autocfg.line_out_pins, spec->autocfg.hp_pins,
		spec->autocfg.line_outs = spec->autocfg.hp_outs;
		hp_speaker_swap = 1;

> > It's weird that 0xf is in both the line_outs and hp_outs.
> > And the hp_outs=1 when there are two items.
> It's due to a fix for an ALC268 laptop that has also two HPs but one
> is actually a line-out.  Note that hp_outs=1 in the print above.  The
> 0x0f in hp_outs is simply a garbage.  Maybe that patch broke the
> double HPs with STAC9228...
> Takashi

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