[alsa-devel] Notebook Toshiba satellite x200-21g with realtek snd-hda-intel audio device still not supported (codec ALC268)

Daniele (Mastro) daniele.bilug at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 18:29:40 CET 2008

Takashi Iwai ha scritto:
>> - Digital = 68
> Keep this 50%.  It's a digital attenuation/gain control and changing
> this makes no sense unless you have a digital mic without the hardware
> volume control.

if i put 50% there the mic it's a bit "low" with volume and i have to 
spoke really near to it
(however sound is cleaner, lower but cleaner)

>> - Input Source = Front mic
>> - Input Source 1 = Front mic (playback - see below)
> Is "Front mic" the external mic jack?  And the internal mic works as
> well?

"front mic" works as the jack in the front of my laptop
no internal mic doesn't work at all.. and i don't know if there's one to 
be honest cause i never booted windows here

> The second capture could work independently, assigned to PCM#2.

sorry i think i didn't understand what do you mean..
so the behavior is "normal"? or it isn't? or it is "fixable" in some way?
with my previous laptop i used to have only 1 capture device and to 
select if i want to use it only as playback, only as capture or both..

here i've to do this separately with 2 device.. it's not a big deal.. 
it's only strange

> No, you are fooled by marketing people.  It has no MIDI hardware.
> It's a pure software thingy.

actually it say under "audio specification" for my notebook

Standard sonori supportati : MIDI support

which means:
Supported sound standard: MIDI support

you can read it here:
(i don't know if this page will still visible in future)

>> - no "mux","mix", or "aux" record source to directly record from desktop
> The codec has no function to record from the mixer amp (some other
> Realtek codecs have, though).  It's again a software issue.

ok.. so i've no way to "record what I'm listening" right? (no way other 
that using a microphone off course)

> No, you don't.  aplay just shows the available "configuration" but it
> the device doesn't support surrounds.

oh ok :)
do you know how can i test subwoofer?
it seems active but if there's a way to actually "test" it would be nice

sorry for me bothering you :)
i hope one day I'll be able to pay back your kindness

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