[alsa-devel] Maya44 revised patch

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Thu Feb 14 13:03:39 CET 2008

At Thu, 14 Feb 2008 00:36:07 +0100,
Rainer Zimmermann wrote:
> This is the revised version of the ESI Maya44 patch.
> changes are mainly coding style, some cleanups and using a patch file for 
> ice1724.c .
> The added code now (mostly) passes checkpatch.pl, except for some "#if 0"'s 
> which I'd leave in for the development phase.
> Also, I changed the rate setting logic, which (for now) allows all rates up to 
> 192kHz even for capturing. As capturing actually only supports 96 kHz, while 
> capturing & playback rates are linked, this is not really ok. I'd appreciate 
> suggestions about how this could be handled properly, while still supporting 
> playback up to 192 kHz...

Does the 96kHz constraint come from ice172x chip or the codec chip?
(I have to recheck the datasheet...)

Anyway, we can limit this in a scenario like below:
- disallow the rate over 96kHz if the capture stream is being opened
- if the rate is set above 96kHz, the capture stream cannot be opened,
  returns -EBUSY or so.

BTW, is it supposed to be still highly experimental?  If the driver
works more or less stably with your device (and on the recent kernel),
it'd be also good to put this to the upstream, i.e. in alsa-kernel
tree instead of alsa-driver tree.


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