[alsa-devel] Maya44 revised patch

Rainer Zimmermann mail at lightshed.de
Thu Feb 14 00:36:07 CET 2008

This is the revised version of the ESI Maya44 patch.
changes are mainly coding style, some cleanups and using a patch file for 
ice1724.c .

The added code now (mostly) passes checkpatch.pl, except for some "#if 0"'s 
which I'd leave in for the development phase.

Also, I changed the rate setting logic, which (for now) allows all rates up to 
192kHz even for capturing. As capturing actually only supports 96 kHz, while 
capturing & playback rates are linked, this is not really ok. I'd appreciate 
suggestions about how this could be handled properly, while still supporting 
playback up to 192 kHz...

Again, feedback & testing is appreciated.

For more information, see doc/README.maya44 .


Lightshed IT Services
Löfflerstr. 27, 22765 Hamburg, Germany * mail at lightshed.de * www.lightshed.de
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