[alsa-devel] es1968 suspend2ram problem

Christian Rothländer Mailinglisten at rothlaender.net
Tue Feb 5 19:11:30 CET 2008

Hi there

I got suspend2ram working on my desktop machine, using a terratec dmx (quite old, but rock-solid hardware mixing) with
es1878 Chipset.

If I'm unloading the module before hibernation and reload after wakeup everything works (thought kmix and kradio are
being closed, which is a bit stupid). If I'm trying to suspend with the module loaded no sound output is possible after
wakeup (mixer still there). An alsasound restart won't bring the soundcard up again (no mixer, no nothing).

Tried this with kernel 2.6.22 buildin alsa as well as the freshest HG tree.
System is Gentoo.

Any ideas where to search for that problem? Looks like a bug to me.


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