[alsa-devel] ice1724 - TerraTec PHASE 22 no MIDI ports get created

Vedran Miletić rivanvx at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 18:03:07 CEST 2008

OK, I downloaded lastest git, Changed 0x00 to 0x28 (MIDI enabled, ADC
and SPDIF reciever see below). MIDI ports get created, and playing
something to output doesn't hang the system or anything. However, I
have no MIDI input devices besides PHASE 22 itself, and no MIDI cable.

When I buy MIDI cable later today, I will report how it works. Is
looping output to input a good way to test it?

What is SPDIF reciever? Is it SPDIF in? Looking at the source, I have
two questions:
1) Why is it disabled, specifiying you only have ADC? This card has
SPDIF input and it works even at 0x00 (that is 1xADC) at
ICE_EEP2_SYSCONF (I have tried connecting a source and recording it
with arecord). Does this card have SPDIF reciever?
2) It says [ICE_EEP2_I2S]         = 0xf8,  /* vol, 96k, 24bit */ for PHASE 22
and [ICE_EEP2_I2S]         = 0xfc,  /* vol, 96k, 24bit, 192k */ for PHASE 28
However, both (according to VT1724 documentation) seem to enable 192k.
Is it just that the comment is wrong?

2008/8/25 Pavel Hofman <pavel.hofman at insite.cz>:
> Vedran Miletić wrote:
>> Thanks a lot for your response, Pavel. You saved me from installing
>> Windows to verify that my card isn't broken :-)
>> Still, I don't understand:
>> 1) Why is in phase.c ICE_EEP2_SYSCONF set to 0x00? What do different
>> values do here, and how do you know which is the correct value?
>> 2) When I looked up juli.c for 0x20, there is only:
>> #define AK4114_ADDR             0x20            /* S/PDIF receiver */
>> How come that 0x20 means MIDI?
> That has nothing to do with midi, see below.
>> 3) How come that juli.c has 0x2b and prodigy192.c has 0x6a in
>> ICE_EEP2_SYSCONF? Does that differ because of the "amount" of stuff on
>> that board, or some other reason? Again, how did you find out which is
>> the correct value to set here?
> Each bit represents a setting in a specific configuration register of
> ICE1724HT, see the datasheet
> http://alsa.cybermirror.org/manuals/icensemble/Envy24HT091DS.pdf
> page 4-4, register CCS04 (called ICE_EEP2_SYSCONF in alsa)
> Use a decent calculator with base conversions (kcalc) and find in the
> datasheet table the meaning of 0x2b (hexadecimal) or 0x6a in CCS04.
>> 4) Does the fact that 0x2b and 0x6a are larger than 0x20 makes MIDI
>> get created? Or is it something else entirely?
> see above
>> I apologize if my questions are not apropriate, but I have just
>> started exploring the depths of low-level coding and I still have very
>> basic understanding of stuff that is going around. Thanks for any
>> help.
> I hope we can make another card work flawlessly in alsa.
> Pavel.

Vedran Miletić

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