[alsa-devel] ice1724 - TerraTec PHASE 22 no MIDI ports get created

Pavel Hofman pavel.hofman at insite.cz
Mon Aug 25 18:06:54 CEST 2008

Vedran Miletić wrote:
> Thanks a lot for your response, Pavel. You saved me from installing
> Windows to verify that my card isn't broken :-)
> Still, I don't understand:
> 1) Why is in phase.c ICE_EEP2_SYSCONF set to 0x00? What do different
> values do here, and how do you know which is the correct value?
> 2) When I looked up juli.c for 0x20, there is only:
> #define AK4114_ADDR             0x20            /* S/PDIF receiver */
> How come that 0x20 means MIDI?

That has nothing to do with midi, see below.

> 3) How come that juli.c has 0x2b and prodigy192.c has 0x6a in
> ICE_EEP2_SYSCONF? Does that differ because of the "amount" of stuff on
> that board, or some other reason? Again, how did you find out which is
> the correct value to set here?

Each bit represents a setting in a specific configuration register of 
ICE1724HT, see the datasheet 

page 4-4, register CCS04 (called ICE_EEP2_SYSCONF in alsa)

Use a decent calculator with base conversions (kcalc) and find in the 
datasheet table the meaning of 0x2b (hexadecimal) or 0x6a in CCS04.

> 4) Does the fact that 0x2b and 0x6a are larger than 0x20 makes MIDI
> get created? Or is it something else entirely?

see above
> I apologize if my questions are not apropriate, but I have just
> started exploring the depths of low-level coding and I still have very
> basic understanding of stuff that is going around. Thanks for any
> help.

I hope we can make another card work flawlessly in alsa.


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