[alsa-devel] Routing multiple signals to one output with ice1712 (Delta 66)

Mathis Hofer mathis.hofer at dreamlab.net
Wed Sep 19 11:39:24 CEST 2007

Hi Alan

> What you are talking about is really mixing the streams in addition to 
> routing.  Envy24control basically gives you all the hardware options of the 
> chip.  The ice1712 (=envy24 chip) includes a hardware mixer which can be 
> routed to HWOut1 and HWOut2 using envy24control, but not to other outputs.  
> This will allow any inputs and any PCM streams to be mixed.  Note that these 
> mixer settings can be controlled from an external MIDI control surface also!
Ok thanks.

> I am sure there are also software options.
So when I want to route (or as you say mix) multiple inputs to two
stereo outputs I have to do it software-wise, right? Is this possible
with alsa or do I have to use jack?


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