[alsa-devel] issue with ADI A1986A

l1983 at bankerinter.net l1983 at bankerinter.net
Mon Oct 1 18:12:52 CEST 2007

I need some help from you guys.
I,m a new linux user and totally unfamiliar with all this
I have an issue with my motherboard "ASSUS M2N-MX" and it's onboard
sound chip :"ADI AD1986A" witch supports 6 channel CODEC , Jack-Sensing &
Enumeration  technology , and with  S/PDIF OUT interface.
Can you please somehow, (or somebody you know) , make for me some
installable .deb archive that will help me to set up my sound, since i
can't do it on my own. :(
Or help me some how else, (either sending me some address's or by giving
me some other advice.
l1983 at bankerinter.net

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