[alsa-devel] rate plugin issue

Stas Sergeev stsp at aknet.ru
Mon Nov 19 22:09:12 CET 2007


Takashi Iwai wrote:
> Changing period_size isn't allowed arbitrarilly because it's a
> hardware constraint.  OTOH, avail_min is the software parameter.
> So avail_min > period_size makes sense in some cases.
> In my patch I disallowed the case avail_min < period_size because it
> doesn't work *practically*.
OK, I see, thank you.
Now it seems the patch is still not applied.
Just to make sure, is it because you are still
waiting for the test-case, or just haven't got
around to apply it yet?
I am asking to make sure that I am not responsible
for the delay. :)

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