[alsa-devel] rate plugin issue

Stas Sergeev stsp at aknet.ru
Sat Nov 17 15:59:53 CET 2007


Takashi Iwai wrote:
> What I don't like is the place you fix it.  This is not much better
> than the old hack, or it's even worse because it adds a hack in the
> common function not in the plugin.
That depends on what logic does the
fix imply. My logic was that the writei()
should not depend on avail_min, and just
always use period_size. Your logic is that
they both should respect avail_min when it
is >period_size, and from that point of view,
my fix is of course wrong and at the wrong

> And above all, the fix would be really easy like the patch below.
Your patch works very well.
Actually, much better than mine, for
the reasons I can't explain (there is
probably another similar loop somewhere,
otherwise they would work in the similar
Just a few questions:
1. Do you want to "round" avail_min only
when it is < period_size, or maybe you
want something like this instead:
avail_min += period_size - 1;
avail_min -= avail_min % period_size;
so that it is always rounded up?
2. What is it really good for? Why would
the one want avail_min != period_size?
Now, after you disallow avail_min<period_size,
it makes even less sense - why would
someone set avail_min>period_size, instead
of increasing the period_size itself?
So maybe something like this is also
/* there seem to be no reason to set avail_min,
 * period_size is enough */
avail_min = period_size;

> Then which version of mpg123 with which configuration?
But I am not sure if you tried _any_
mpg123 with any configuration. :)
Well, mine is mpg123-0.60-1.fc5.rf,
running on top of Fedora8.
High Performance MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 Audio Player for Layers 1, 2 and 3
        version 0.60; written and copyright by Michael Hipp and others
        free software (LGPL/GPL) without any warranty but with best wishes
But your patch works very well, so
perhaps you don't even need to test
it with mpg123 any more. :)


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