[alsa-devel] No state is present for card CMI8738

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Fri May 18 16:42:51 CEST 2007

Since I got no feedback neither here nor on the users list, may I ask why?

* is it that nobody knows the answer to my question?
* or is it because the question is stupid (as in: read the FAQ, the wiki,
   the archive and use google (all of which did not help me btw.))


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> Subject: [Alsa-user] No state is present for card CMI8738
> The following is my problem:
> $ alsactl -f .alsavoip restore
> No state is present for card CMI8738
> I see this "sometimes". Sometimes the above works and sometimes it returns
> with that error message.
> I happen to be suspending to ram regulary. Nevertheless, the behaveour 
> is not consistent in between "s2ram"s and I don't know whether that has 
> anything to do with it either.
> It also needs to be noted that alsamixer *never* has any problems
> accessing the card. But even after changing the card settings with
> alsamixer, alsactl will keep on repeating that error message.
> * $ lspci
>    00:0d.0 Multimedia audio controller: C-Media Electronics Inc CM8738 (rev 10)
> * alsa userspace is at 1.0.13
> * kernel is Debian's 2.6.18-4-686
> Further, minor problems:
> * After waking up from suspend the card looses its microphone   settings -
>    that is - "Mic Capture" is allway reset to zero.
> * Further on the choice to hide the microphone setting "Mic Capture" in
>    alsamixer behind F5 irritates me a bit - there are *a lot* of very
>    obscure settings (such as "IEC958 5V" - huh?), that are displayed by
>    default.
> * I've seen that Alsa likes the Terratec cards, however since they're
>   also based on the CMI chipset, and at least /my/ onboard CMI chipset
>   here sucks badly I wonder what low cost card (other than CMI based
>   ones) are recommended?
> * Mic input is barely loud enough with my onboard sound. Mic boost
>   has no effect.
> What's up with that error above? What does it mean? Is there any
> way I can fix or circumvent it? Anybody a hint?
> *t

   Tomas Pospisek
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