[alsa-devel] Can someone verify support for "AzTech Sound Galaxy Nova 16 Extra II-3D - using AZT-2316/R Chipset - FCC-ID:I38-MMSN846" ?

ramkromberg at mail.com ramkromberg at mail.com
Tue May 15 10:50:16 CEST 2007

You did it Rene !!!
>sudo ./eeprom
>sudo modprobe snd-sgalaxy sbport=0x220 wssport=0x530

It's working now !!
I downloaded the binary (i didn't compile the code), chmod it, sudo it
and the sgalaxy worked !!!
the sb8 didn't work but I don't really care for that anyhow :-)

For the record, I tested it on xubuntu 7.04 with xmms.

Are you now planning to implement the code to the driver itself ?
If you want me to test anything, let me know.

i'm also considering installing slackware 11 since I need the

Ram Kromberg
ramkromberg at mail.com

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