[alsa-devel] Support for SAM9407?

Ash Willis ashwillis at programmer.net
Wed May 2 23:47:17 CEST 2007

Hi Pieter,

> Are you interested in joining the FFADO project? (short into: FFADO =
> new FreeBoB = drivers for FireWire Audio Interfaces / www.ffado.org).

I have absolutely zero experience in firewire audio and firewire in
general to be honest, but the project does sound interesting.

> To be frank/direct here, I think that ALSA is better 'completed' with
> FFADO support than with driver support for obsolete cards. But of course
> I'm a little biased here :).

Be as Frank as you want, I totally agree with you :) The thing is, I have
limited time and experience (I have written one ALSA driver). Although
supporting older hardware doesn't bring a whole lot to the project, it
does provide me with a training ground so I can be of greater use in the
future. I can work at my own pace on an area that nobody else will be
working on. I can improve my skills without stepping on other people's

Your project sounds interesting but I don't feel I have the knowledge to
keep up on a project like this. This is why I'm messing around with this
stuff, so that I can do some 'real work' some day soon ;)



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