[alsa-devel] alsa driver api

Ciaccia ciacciax at yahoo.com
Wed May 2 19:56:18 CEST 2007

Hi Michel,
Maybe you are referring to my post. I always use alsa-lib to send data to the driver, I think it is the easiest way and preferred way.

Months ago I wanted to do the same (i.e. send data to the alsa-driver without alsa-lib) but then I understood this was not the right way. I'm not saying you cannot or should not try that, but from my experience (I spent a lot of time) it's not going to work.

The problem I had was that my system did not support shared objects, nor -ldl, so I could not user the "standard" alsa-lib (which usually require pthread, dl, an *.so). Then Takashi gave me a patch for that, and now I'm an happy "static" alsa-lib user.

Maybe one of the gurus (Takashi?) will give you some tips, but I think you really need a good reason for that.

Good luck, sorry for not helping you

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Does anyone have some code examples that show how to send pcm samples
directly to an alsa driver.  I'm (still) having trouble building/using
alsa-lib and I want to make sure that my driver works correctly. If I
understand correctly it is possible to send sound samples using the
alsa driver api only (no alsa-lib).

All I want to do for now is send a fixed sine wave to the driver. I
saw some code snippets that seemed to do just that in a recent email
on this list but it would help a lot if I could have a look at the
complete application.



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