[alsa-devel] probing state of high definition audio card in windows / SigmaTel STAC9221 microphone problems

Eran Guendelman erang at stanford.edu
Sat Jun 9 00:40:19 CEST 2007

Lee Revell wrote:
> On 6/8/07, Eran Guendelman <erang at stanford.edu> wrote:
>> So the question is, does anyone have a ready-made utility for Windows to
>> do this probe of the high definition audio codec?  I could probably try
>> writing one myself, but thought I'd check if it already exists.
> I think it's just in the .inf file.
> Lee

I was able to find the default pin configurations in the .INI file, but 
have not yet understood what the rest of the stuff in the .INI file 
means (and I haven't really looked at any .INF files).  If you know of 
any guides to help understand the SigmaTel-codec related contents of an 
INI/INF file I would be happy to look at that.  I do see stuff like

Action1="if(JackState(10) == 0 && JackState(15) == 0 && JackState(12) == 
0 && GetPortPopup(12) == 1,(SetDeviceType(10,2)),(0))"
Action2="if(JackState(10) == 0 && JackState(15) == 0 && JackState(12) == 
0 && GetPortPopup(12) == 1,(SetDeviceType(15,2)),(0))"
Action3="if(JackState(10) == 0 && JackState(15) == 0 && JackState(12) == 
0 && GetPortPopup(12) == 1,(SetDeviceType(12,8)),(0))"

which could hold the key to what I'm looking for...


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