[alsa-devel] Configure problems for alsa-utils-1.0.4

David Topper topper at virginia.edu
Fri Jun 1 19:32:49 CEST 2007

So I've managed to compile alsa-drivers-1.0.4 for ARM.  I can even load 
the modules.  I've also successfully compiled alsa-libs-1.0.4 ... but I 
had to do it on the board.  Cross compiling simply didn't seem to work.

I've been using --prefix=/ and --exec-prefix=/ for configures.

But when I do ./configure --prefix=/ --exec-prefix=/ for 
alsa-utils-1.0.4 it fails with:

checking for libasound headers version >= 0.9.0... not present.
configure: error: Sufficiently new version of libasound not found.

But they're there, for sure.  Perhaps it doesn't like looking in 



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