[alsa-devel] Intel HDA digital out distortion

Matthias Dahl ml_alsa at mortal-soul.de
Tue Jul 24 09:06:45 CEST 2007

Hi Ingmar.

On Monday 23 July 2007 23:09:24 Ingmar Stieger wrote:

> a couple of weeks ago, I bought an ASUS mainboard with integrated Intel HDA
> and an AD1988B codec. Unfortunately, the digital / SPDIF output gets
> distorted with stock 1.0.14 drivers. It does not matter what the volume
> levels of the various mixers are set to.

That makes two of us. I've reported similar problems a few weeks back. So the 
thread "snd-hda-intel, AD 1988b: SPDIF output not working correctly, volume 
low for analog output" maybe of interest to you too. (I posted a similar 
patch just a few minutes before your's by the way -g-)

Could you please tell me what board you have...? If you play back analog sound 
through spdif, do you hear "distortions" in the background like bass-like low 
frequency pumping and so on...?

Best regards,
Matthias Dahl

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