[alsa-devel] snd-hda-intel, AD 1988b: SPDIF output not working correctly, volume low for analog output

Matthias Dahl ml_alsa at mortal-soul.de
Fri Jul 20 08:29:02 CEST 2007

On Thursday 19 July 2007 15:50:19 Takashi Iwai wrote:

> So, the primary problem is rather the 6stack-dig preset doesn't match
> with your device.  The SPDIF problem seems independent, though, but
> we'd better to fix the stuff first.
> With auto model, do you get louder output from the analog out?

Just tested it and as far as I can tell, only spdif seems a lot louder, analog 
output is equal to 6stack-dig.

Reminds me what also a bit strange: the PCM mixer control only appears after I 
have played back something.

On detail: - unload alsa, rm asound.state, load alsa, alsamixer (no pcm vol)
           - play back something, alsamixer (pcm volume is there)

From there on, it'll always be visible, even after restarts. I also do not 
have any channel configuration control (2/4/6 channels). It's just not there. 
No matter if I use auto or 6stack-dig.

> The first thing to do is to check which pin widget corresponds to the
> real I/O jacks.  It's a guess work and trial-and-error.

Sounds a lot like digging into patch_analog.c (a long change/recompile/test 
cycle) or is there a way to figure this stuff out during runtime...? Could 
you please elobrate on what I should do? Thanks.

Best regards,
Matthias Dahl

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