[alsa-devel] Making ALSA apps run on OSS driver

Pharaoh . pharaoh137 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 09:56:53 CET 2007


For my OMAP 2430 board, I have a working OSS driver , but all my audio/video
applications are written
for ALSA, since we had all ALSA drivers for previous board. Now I want to
use the OSS driver as it is
for 1 week and run my applications using it, I know this is not the best
thing to do but currently I dont
have time to write ALSA driver from scratch.

I have heard about OSS emulation in ALSA i.e. any read/write to /dev/dsp
will go to my ALSA driver
but is there any way to do the reverse i.e. apps using ALSA interface should
somehow talk to OSS
driver? What all changes I need to make and where?


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