[alsa-devel] [Regression] snd-hda-intel no longer loads as of alsa-driver-hg20070728

Michael Gerdau mgd at technosis.de
Fri Aug 10 18:33:14 CEST 2007

> >   ./configure --with-sequencer=yes --with-debug=detect --with-cards=hda-intel,usb-audio --with-card-options=seq-rtctimer-default
> > 
> > This works for alsa-driver-hg20070727 but does not work for any of the
> > later versions I tried, including alsa-driver-hg20070810
> The reason is that you are passing wrong configure options.
> With --with-card-options, you have to give _all_ necessary options.

I'm not disputing that statement. However I'd like point out this is
a change in behaviour of configure which seems to have occured
between hg20070727 and hg20070728. It also is a change w/r to how the
current released version behaves.

> When once this option is passed, it resets the all once.
> In the case of hda-intel, the following options should be passed in
> addition appropriately: hda-hwdep, hda-codec-realtek,
> hda-codec-analog, hda-codec-sigmatel, hda-codec-via,
> hda-codec-atihdmi, hda-codec-conexant, hda-codec-cmedia,
> hda-codec-si3054, hda-generic.
> Yeah, there are lots of them.  So, simply stop passing
> --with-card-options=... if you are not sure what you're doing :)
> Then all options are enabled as default.

I'm happy to stop using --with-card-options=...
I only added it because at some point in the past it had been required
for adding seq-rtctimer-default.

Assuming that's no longer needed I will remove it from my build scripts.

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