[alsa-devel] MPC5200 I2S driver for ASoC

lokowich lokowich at acdstar.com
Wed Aug 1 19:33:34 CEST 2007

I'm integrating a ALSA driver for an MPC5200 into the ASoC layer, 
similar to my successful effort for a PXA255 board.  I'm modeling the 
DMA and ALSA interfaces per ac97mgt driver found in the Lite5200B BSP, 
rather than the BestComm API example in the 2.4 kernel.  The 
speaker-test with 400Hz sine wave is working, but has a slight audible 
jitter.  A wav file output using aplay produces white noise.  Debugging 
shows I get two requests for buffer pointer per service of my transmit 
ISR (after the single call to snd_pcm_period_elapsed).  I expect only 
one pointer request per interrupt.  Could this be the noise problem?

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