[alsa-devel] Problem with Conexant

Black X x.thug.85 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 22:24:55 CEST 2007


First at all I wanna thanks Tobin Davis for his support to get Conexant
audio devices working under Linux, and I was testing his last patchs,
but I had a little problems with my sound card, the first one is about
headphone, it is works but with noise, and when I'm maximize the volume
of headphone the sound quality starting so weak.

The Second problem I had it is when I run the 3D Desktop Effects (XGL
with Compiz), that when I play any sound clip and moving any window or
rotate desktop cube that's making a noise with the sound, and the
quality of the sound clip it is so weak with slow playing in the sound.

I make a little screen cast about this problem and you can see it at
this link:

any way this is my alsa information:  http://pastebin.ca/452453
finaly my device information :

I 'm sorry, but the English it's not my mother language.

Thank you.

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