[alsa-devel] `alsatplg` miscompiles UUID in ASoC topology

ojab ojab at ojab.ru
Tue May 9 21:32:03 CEST 2017

Oh hai!

I'm trying to get sound from my HP Chromebook 13 with proper linux and 
right now messing with ASoC topology: ChromeOS contains topology file 
that can't be loaded on up-to-date upstream kernel, so I've wrote a 
parser that converts dfw_sst.bin back to topology.conf that can be 
processed by `alsatplg`.

AFAICS alsatplg miscompiles at least UUID field in the private data: for 
example `alsatplg -c /usr/share/alsa/topology/sklrt286/skl_i2s.conf -o 
tplg.bin` produces the file with no UUID in `strings tplg.bin` output 
and my parser shows that there is nonsense (mostly zeroes) where UUID 
should be (reproducible with both alsa-{lib,utils}-1.13 and current git 

Is it a bug or I'm doing something wrong?

//wbr ojab

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