[alsa-devel] Realtek ALC268, Acer 4315 ?Use mic port as independent output?

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Fri Oct 31 10:03:10 CET 2008

At Fri, 31 Oct 2008 21:55:43 +1300,
Eliot Blennerhassett wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have acer 4315 laptop with realtek alc268 codec.
> (It also has hda modem which I don't use.)
> Looking at the datasheet, the codec has 2 PCM outs, but alsa hda driver
> with model=acer shows only one.
> I want to know if I can enable the 2nd output, and use the external mic
> jack as a second line out?
> I can see that PCM2/LOUT2 connects to HP-OUT (widget 0x15), while
> PCM1/LOUT1 connects to several pins 0x[14,15,16,18,1A]
> How do I go about testing this.  Does the hda model=test enable *every*
> widget and PCM and allow change of pin direction etc?
> BTW I want to use the 2nd output as the secondar  "preview" (prelisten?)
> headphone output for my  audio player (pytone), while main output is
> going to speakers.

The multi streams (not multi channels) aren't supported yet for
Realtek codec support codes.  So it won't work as is.
It's on my TODO list.

A basic framework was already prepared.
spec->stream_analog_alt_playback can store the stream setup.
But it's not used yet in the codec setup code.


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