[alsa-devel] supported sound cards

Vedran Miletić rivanvx at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 23:19:02 CET 2008

HDA works nicely if it works. If you can test a specific motherboard
that works, and then build a system based on it, great.
Envy24 (ICE1712) and Envy24HT(-S) (ICE1724/ICE1721) cards work
particularily well in Linux. Most of them are listed here:
However, note that ALSA unfortunately doesn't support all of them (for
example, Infrasonic Quartet isn't supported, and Maya 44 is supported
only in Takashi's unstable git tree). Most of them are supported,
though. Some newer models also offer extremely high quality DACs and
On the other hand, you have E-mu cards. They aren't fully supported,
unfortunately, but they do work in day-to-day usage. They also have
high quality DACs.
However, I'm not sure about gaming cards. Maybe Aureal (:-P) or SB
Live! / SB Audigy would qualify here. Somebody else might know this

2008/10/30 Edward Terry <eterry at openboxbuilder.com>:
> I'm starting a business selling Linux-based computers, and I'm looking
> for a high-end sound card that works well under Linux.  I don't have a
> specific use in mind; this would be for a wide range of end-users, from
> audiophiles to gamers.
> Is there a particular high-end sound card that stands out as working
> well under Linux?  If not, what cards should I consider?
> I appreciate any information or suggestions.
> Edward
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