[alsa-devel] [ANNOUNCE] patch for INTEL HDMI codec

Wu Fengguang fengguang.wu at intel.com
Tue Oct 28 09:07:39 CET 2008


We have recently enabled sound output for Intel HDMI codecs,
and would like to share the good news and some early code :-)

The audio enabling code includes both ALSA and X.Org patches.
Attached is one single patch against today's sound-2.6 tree.
It contains very basic code for handling
        - audio infoframe
        - ELD(E-EDID Like Data)
        - unsolicited response

The patch is full enough to produce stereo sound via HDMI.
But it still lacks features and contains many 'defined but unused' staffs.

It was tested OK on ASUS P5E-VM board and HP 2230s notebook.
It _should_ also work on Intel DG45ID board.

Takashi, I can prepare a trimmed-down patch series, in doing so I'd like
to know if you are interested in the basic DIP/ELD/UNSOL routines?
Or should I only submit bare code comparable to the current patch_atihdmi.c?

Thank you,

PS: the patch can now produce the following ELD information:

[10340.656719] eldv = 1, pinp = 1
[10340.660711] ELD buffer size  is 64
[10340.660716] ELD baseline len is 10*4
[10340.660720] vendor block len is 20
[10340.660724] ELD version      is CEA-861D or below
[10340.660728] CEA-EDID version is CEA-861-B, C or D
[10340.660732] manufacture name is 0x4544
[10340.660736] product code     is 0xa02c
[10340.660740] port id          is 0x0
[10340.660743] HDCP support     is 0
[10340.660747] AI support       is 0
[10340.660751] SAD count        is 0
[10340.660754] audio sync delay is 0
[10340.660758] connection type  is HDMI
[10340.660763] speaker allocations:
[10340.660766] monitor name     is DELL 2408WFP

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