[alsa-devel] Backported sbxfi driver (UNTESTED!)

Jason Harvey softdevice at jasonline.co.uk
Thu Oct 23 15:21:51 CEST 2008

Bjoern Olausson wrote:
> Did you capture the Oops via a serial cabel?
> I had one attached too, but I never could capture an output... either
> the system rebooted or died without a message on the serial console...
> Anything special you did to capture the oops?
Yes, just a simple serial cable, no handshaking lines.
Just added "console=ttyS0,57600n8 3" to the command line to stop enable 
the console and stop X
I set the bitrate to 57600 to make things a bit faster.
Using CuteCom to capture the output.
Not had any instant reboots yet on the Intel based machine I am now 
using to test.
On my dual Opteron machine it does reboot, I doubt there is enough time 
to squirt out an oops.

Regards, Jason

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