[alsa-devel] Intel DG45ID motherboard and weird pinouts

Jan Arie Gutter alsa at jangutter.com
Tue Oct 21 18:01:13 CEST 2008

Hi, I'm running Gentoo stable with kernel 2.6.27 (I think it comes
with alsa 1.0.17) on my brand-new Intel DG45ID motherboard (hda-intel,
therefore). I'm trying to get analogue out on all the correct
channels, but it seems that something is slightly wierd: if I unmute
headphones only, the front channel works, otherwise it seems that the
front channel is split all over the place (I can provide more specific
details if requested).

I tried alsa-driver-1.0.18rc3 as well (keeping alsa-lib and alsa-utils
the old version), but the headphones control disappeared: I could not
find any equivalent settings to enable front speakers.

Now, to the questions:

1) Can I help fix the pinout information in ALSA? I'm willing to
experiment (especially if I can do it against 1.0.17).
2) Is there a doc somewhere that describes a step-by-step method to
add a quirk to the codec (IDT 92HD73E1X5, I presume) for my board?
3) Would the problem be fixed if I update alsa-libs and alsa-utils to
1.0.18rc3, or is the problem only in the hda-intel kernel driver?

I've got moderate kernel-hacking skills: I can compile, patch, debug
minor stuff, etc, I've got ready access to the hardware and I'm
willing to experiment! I DON'T have experience with ALSA or audio
drivers, and since the PC is at home, I can only hack after hours. Any
help would be greatly appreciated!


Jan Gutter

"-and those damned stupid barbarians with their
damned stupid swords will win after all..."
-- Larry Niven (The Magic Goes Away)

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