[alsa-devel] snd_pcsp locking mess

Stas Sergeev stsp at aknet.ru
Tue Oct 21 09:08:17 CEST 2008


Takashi Iwai wrote:
> The PCM status is changed immediately after calling trigger(async)
> callback XRUN or SETUP.  That is, you can start the stream again soon
> after snd_pcm_stop().  In the case of async operation, the hardware
> may be likely still running, but the PCM core doesn't know about it
> and allows you to restart the stream.  So it's racy, at least from the
> PCM core viewpoint.
OK but how does _my patch_ affects this?
Before, the trigger() callback was called
both synchronously and asynchronously. My
patch only provides the callback to make
it possible to separate the sync and async
parts. It doesn't do anything more. It
doesn't change anything at all. So how
could exactly that patch introduce the race
you mentioned? There was already an async
invocation of trigger() callback. I wanted
to add just a callback under different name
for that. What could my patch possibly
change? How does it _introduce_ the race?

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